Patient Services

Understanding how difficult  it is for patients emotionally that are struggling with a complex health condition, it is our responsibility to provide support and comfort for our patients  throughout their treatment.

Pharmacy services

Side Effect Management

We have dedicated staff members that will be side by side with our patients throughout their journey by providing detailed instructions on how to best manage their side effects. Prior to dispensing prescriptions, we make sure that each patient is consulted with the pharmacist on the medication they are taking by informing them about the medications dosage, directions and side effects and the  best  way to manage them . In many cases our pharmacists work with physicians or nurses directly notifying them of alternative treatments that can eliminate certain side effects.

Drug Use

Because dealing with serious health issues isn’t easy, many patients have difficulty utilizing their medications properly. Therefore, it is our duty to provide guidance for patients in need. We provide education and support specific to patient’s health conditions by helping them learn how they can take their medications in safely manner for both injectable and orally taken medications.

Drug use