Partners who can help in your journey to product success

Health guard pharmacy is your trusted specialty pharmacy when choosing to dispense. As our partner, you will enjoy the specialized assistance provided through our program, which includes existing product support, new product support, quality assurance, and the highly sophisticated tools offered through the health guard portal. We welcome you to connect with us to receive all the benefits of a health guard pharmacy partnership.

Experienced sales force

Skilled sales force that supports health care providers.

Patient satisfaction 

Providing sufficient data to improve patient experience.

Improve  Adherence 

Experts in specific disease states to provide clinical methodology for patient treatment.

Partners who understand your individual brand characteristics and goals

It is our focus to Ensure product success by targeting your individual product profile.

We also Focus on bringing your transpiring forms of therapy into the market place to improve patient care

Our existing product support includes:

  • Educating patients, physicians, pharmacists and nurses side-effect prevention and management. 
  • Monitoring compliance 
  • Managing refills
  • Financial assistance and billing support

Our new product launch support includes:

  • Identifying effective distribution strategies generating distributing access to target markets
  • Support for internal sales force
  • Educating physicians and patients about new drugs
  • Developing compliance programs
  • Collecting feedback